Dr. Susan M. Kleiner, PHD, RD, FACN, CNS, FISSN • High Performance Nutrition

Dr. Susan KleinerSusan M. Kleiner,




Dr. Kleiner is available as a consultant to sports teams, and start-up and established businesses in the food, beverage, and nutritional supplement industry.

Industry Consulting

Dr Kleiner is expert in the areas of nutrition consulting and communication. She is a consultant to business and industry as a future strategist, market analyst, researcher and product developer. Dr. Kleiner frequently helps build relationships and partnerships between businesses, as well as creating research opportunities between industry and academic institutions.

Public Relations and Communications

Dr. Kleiner is well known internationally by journalists and the public as a highly respected nutrition expert. During any month she can be found quoted in many popular magazines, both in print and electronically. Dr. Kleiner is an advisory board member, editor and frequent contributing author to some of the most successful health and fitness magazines. As a public relations and media consultant, Dr. Kleiner is a national product spokesperson with extensive experience in print, broadcast, and electronic media. She has done national satellite and live media tours, and she is a dynamic and motivating public speaker.

Sports Teams

In addition to counseling athletes, Dr. Kleiner consults with sports teams to create a comprehensive nutrition program that meets the needs of the team and its sport. Individual counseling sessions, team classes, training camp menus and recipes, in-flight menus, pre-game meals, and further educational materials and experiences can be developed to create a comprehensive and branded team nutrition program.

To contact Dr. Kleiner about consulting/counseling services and speaking engagements, send an e-mail.