Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition and Health Brochures

The science is clear that anti-inflammatory foods and supplements will make you healthier.  I lecture on this frequently, and always include these foods in the diets of all my clients and teams for performance enhancement and recovery. In my husband's periodontal practice, patient education partly relies on the role of anti-inflammatory nutrition intervention to prevent and treat periodontal disease,  a chronic inflammatory disease which increases a patient's risk of developing cardiovascular disease. It is also critical to enhance recovery after surgery.

To support patient education in my practice and in my husband's practice, I have created two educational brochures that our patients love. Now I am making them available to you. They are each 8-panel, multi-colored, glossy, high quality brochures packed with useful information about creating an anti-inflammatory diet and how to choose the right supplements.

I have found that along with nutritionists and dietitians, other practitioners that love these brochures include physical therapists, nurses, physicians, personal trainers, coaches, wellness centers, and of course, all general dentists, hygienists, and dental specialists. You don't have to be teaching others to use these. They are easy and wonderful for personal use!

Click here to view a mock up of the dental brochure.

Click here to view a mock up of the performance enhancement and recovery brochure.

To order the brochures:

Click here to order the dental brochure.

Click here to order the performance enhancement and recovery brochure.

I hope you enjoy them!

Yours in a good mood,

Dr. Susan Kleiner

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