Healthy Home Book Tour with Dr. Myron Wentz

A once-in-a-lifetime event is coming to the Northwest on March 25th at the Vancouver Convention Centre (East Ballroom) and on March 28th at Seattle's, McCaw Hall (Seattle Center)!

Dr. Wentz is one of the premier scientists of our day, specializing on the health of the human cell.  His focus for decades has been on cellular nutrition and the protection of  cells from toxins.  He and his son Dave have written a book called The Healthy Home which focuses on the second part of his vision - educating us about toxins that damage our cells.

This book is expected to be a #1 bestseller on the NY Times list as well as  This is a must read for you and everybody you know to take further control of our health to prevent degenerative diseases.

The Healthy Home Book Tour Flier Dr. Kleiner

Hope to see you there!

Yours in  good mood,

Dr. Susan Kleiner

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