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I've asked Ken Weary, founder of fitnosh.com, to write about his new website. I have been working (and snacking) with Ken to make sure that all the products on the site are nutritionally sound and represented honestly.

Here's the story in his words...

Introducing FitNosh, a new website (www.fitnosh.com) focused on selling healthy snacks.  Our founding principles are that all of our snacks must:

  • Taste good. They must be more than palatable.  We won't sell anything we would not or do not eat.  We even use our kids as guinea pigs (we feel this is not child labor because we are feeding them).
  • Be nutritionally vetted. It can be difficult to cut through the marketing hype of food packaging so in order to meet this self imposed requirement we worked with Dr. Susan Kleiner.  She reviewed each product to ensure we did not get taken in by trumped up health claims.  As she told us “the snacks on FitNosh represent healthy alternatives to many of the pre-packaged snacks we commonly see”.
  • Be individual servings to promote portion control.  We do not want to sell large bags of chips containing 4 servings…we all know how that story ends.  Overeating detracts from the health benefits we’re seeking to spread on our site.  Only a few snacks on FitNosh contain 2 servings per package and they are all marked and labeled when they do.  Additionally we have over 30 snacks that contain 100 calories or less.

The name of the business speaks to its inspiration.  My wife and I are both fitness orientated and often in need of grabbing a quick bite to eat as we wrestle with the balance of work and play (as well as raising two young kids).  Fit (short for fitness) + Nosh (meaning food) = FitNosh.

All of the snacks on the site are categorized by snack type (Chips, Bars, Fruit, Gels, etc.) as well as by nutrition type (protein, fiber, sodium, etc.), dietary (Nut-Free, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, etc.) and specialty (organic, vegan, kosher, etc.).  If healthy eating appeals to you please check us out at:

www.fitnosh.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/fitnosh

Ken Weary

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