Sports Nutrition Vs. The Diet World

I am asked so many times by athletes and very active people about which one of the latest diet books is right for them. While the concepts in some of these books might be just fine, they typically are not based on the physiological needs of an active person, and even less so, a very active person.

An active client of mine just asked me about an anti-inflammatory diet that has become very popular locally here in the Puget Sound region. It has some good principles based on including whole foods rich in antioxidants and limiting processed foods. For the average person, it has a profound impact: they feel better and they lose weight. But for someone who is very active, its not enough. Your goal is performance enhancement, not slowing inflammatory disease and losing weight.

Popular diet books have nothing to do with enhancing performance and building your body up. In fact they usually tear your body down. When there finally is a book based on helping you feel better, it becomes wildly popular, but it still isn't for you.

Stick to the experts in sports nutrition. Books published by Human Kinetics are authored by academic and professional experts from exercise physiology, coaching and training, to sports nutrition and sports psychology. They are written in an easy to read and understand fashion but rely on science and years of practical experience.

Professional organizations like The International Society of Sports Nutrition and Sports and Cardiovascular Nutritionists can help you find experts for advice in your area of the country.

As an athlete you must fuel your body and mind to achieve performance.

Stay healthy and strong!

Dr. Susan M. Kleiner

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