Foods to Fight Bloat

Fitness, Physique and Bikini Contest time is fast approaching. For my youth athletes, so are spring dances and proms. My clients want to know how to build their best bodies, stay healthy, and still prevent the bloat that can come from a plant-based diet. I am so excited to be publishing my FOURTH EDITION of POWER EATINGâ (In press August 2013, Human Kinetics), where I list the foods and botanicals that I use with my elite clients to naturally balance their fluids and prevent bloat. I am giving you a sneak peak from Chapter 9: Botanicals for Performance.

Foods and botanicals that prevent bloat and balance fluid in your body are those high in electrolytes. This list is compiled from decades of working with clients to find the safest, drug-free methods for getting lean and ripped, and showing off your six-pack.*

Fruits and Vegetables



Cranberry juice





Herbs and Teas

Alfalfa tea

Black tea


Chamomile tea


Dandelion or green tea


*From: Kleiner SM, Greenwood-Robinson M. Power Eating. Fourth Edition. Human Kinetics, In Press (August 2013)


Stay healthy and strong,

Dr. Susan M. Kleiner



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