Once again, I’m returning to my blog with the hope of posting a regular communication: a one-way dialogue with you about events, questions, testimonials and news of the day. Blogging takes discipline and regimentation, and while I’ve got plenty of both, these personal characteristics have most recently been put to use building my new female-centric performance nutrition brand, Vynna, LLC, a subsidiary of Vitargo Global Sciences, LLC.

But I have still been consulting with a few clients. This success story is so cool, especially in this day of notorious low carbohydrate dieting, that as I sit on a long coast to coast flight, I am motivated to start blogging again, and share the success story of my client, Blaine.

This story and photos are shared with Blaine’s permission.

Blaine is a personal trainer in British Columbia. He contacted me with the following story:

February 20, 2014

  1. What is the primary issue/question that you'd like to address in this consult?

How to retain maximum lean tissue while reducing body fat to 9% (or lower). I currently weigh 165 pounds and am training 6 days a week (since Oct. 14th). I competed last April in 2 shows and although I was very happy with my lean look, I competed at 145 pounds. When I looked at photos post-contest, I felt I had lost a lot of muscle mass. My former nutrition plan maxed out at 2600 calories, 39% carbs, 48% protein, 13% fats – this is so different from your plan (3900 calories, 54%/20%/26% macros respectively). All my fats in my previous nutrition plan came from the food itself – I was not including any essential fats (oils, nuts/seeds, etc).

After analyzing Blaine’s diet, he was actually consuming a little over 1900 calories, with 212 g carbohydrate, 189 grams protein and 35 grams fat.


We definitely needed to increase all parts of Blaine’s diet to get him building muscle, and then as contest started to close, burn off fat. You must fuel your training to train hard enough to raise the intensity into the maximal zone. This challenges the lean tissue, encourages tissue recovery, repair and growth, and increases calorie burning during the 24-36 hours POST-EXERCISE. That’s where the sculpt happens!

The first bump was to 2670 calories (264 g carbohydrate, 165 g protein, 106 g fat) with a goal of rising to 3300 calories, and maybe more. Calorie increases came from adding 70 grams of VitargoS2 before training, and 70 grams of VitargoS2 plus 25 grams of whey protein after exercise. (Now we can depend on the best post exercise recovery combo: Vitargo POST)

After adding all those calories, and all those carbs, here are Blaine’s measurements just before contest, in his own words:

June 11

Final body fat check prior to my June 14th show; here are the results:

1. Body Fat:    9.4%

> down 0.4% since my last check (May 29th).

> all 7 test sites down.

2. Body Weight:    150 pounds

> this was my originally planned floor weight - I do not want to go lower than this.  

> I have been at this weight for 3 consecutive days.

3. General:

> workouts this week have been full body, working at about 75% max effort.

> will train up to and including tomorrow.

Overall, I continue to feel excellent.  No signs of lethargy or weakness.  I've been working hard on the 8 mandatory poses and find that I am able to flex and hold tight legs when necessary - always a difficult area to focus on, especially when being asked to perform front double biceps or front lat spread. 

Relative to last year's shows, my BF is lower now by 0.3% and my weight is 2 pounds heavier.  After Saturday's show, I plan on strictly adhering to my nutritiion plan because of the show I have on June 21st in Winnipeg…

June 15: First Results

Pretty great day yesterday. I won BOTH the Grandmasters and Lightweight categories!!!

I felt fantastic and am on top of the world!!!  Wonderful Fathers Day weekend.

Achieving first place in two categories could not have been done without your help, the advice you gave, your patience and guidance after the many emails I would inundate you with and, of course, your "Power Eating" plan. You have been an amazing mentor Susan and have been very much a part of these two victories as well as the knowledge I have gained in working with my clients.

I have my next competition next weekend in Winnipeg. I cannot wait for it!!!

June 17

Had my last body fat check today in prep for the INBF show this Saturday; here are the results:

1. Body Fat:    9.1%

> down 0.3% since my last check (June 11th).

> all 7 test sites down, the largest of which is the front thigh.

2. Body Weight:    151 pounds

> up 1 pound since last check!!!

3. General:

Not much to report here; workouts have been 75% max & full body.  Will only train 3 times this week (Mon/Tues/Wed); drive to Winnipeg Thursday morning.  Friday consists of polygraph test (for drug use), spray tan and athlete meeting.  Prejudging is Saturday @ 10 am, finals at 5 pm.

Last year I had two shows back-to-back weekends and what was odd is that for the second show, my weight had DROPPED to 145 pounds.  Therefore, relative to last year, I will be 6 pounds heavier for my second show & 0.6% lower body fat!!!

I feel fantastic, hungry (in a competitive sense) and VERY excited to compete again.  The INBF is the world's largest natural bodybuilding organization and I feel good going into it because of the success I had in our SABBA show…

Blaine’s results at the INBF show were equally as impressive:

First place Masters (40+) and 2nd place Lightweight (165 lb max). 

And now for the visual proof: BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS!

These are completely untouched.


Blaine Before photo-16 copy 3

photo-16 copy 2










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