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The Oxygen Diet Solution: Your Ultimate 28-Day Shape-Up PlanThe Oxygen Diet Solution: Your Ultimate 28-Day Shape-Up Plan®

Not your typical one-size-fits-all diet book, The Oxygen Diet Solution has been tailor-made to suit your unique health and fitness needs. Whether your goals are to blast fat, gain energy, lose weight, strengthen immunity or build muscle, The Oxygen Diet Solution features five made-to-measure meal plans that will help you get results! Packed with mouthwatering recipes, lifestyle tips and customized fitness routines, this book is like having a nutritionist, trainer and motivation coach all rolled into one! Read more >

Power EatingPOWER EATING®, 4th Edition

No other nutrition program will enable you to gain muscle and power while trimming body fat more effectively than Power Eating®, the leading plan for power athletes, strength trainers, and bodybuilders. Read more >

The Good Mood DietThe Good Mood Diet®

One Day to Feeling Brighter than Yesterday, One Week to Erasing Depression, One Month to Losing Weight for Good. In THE GOOD MOOD DIET the participants eat feel-good foods with both ideal timing and ideal combinations. Eating from a list of feel-good foods, including fish, flax seed, eggs, dark chocolate and red wine, and limiting feel-bad foods including refined sugar, helps dieters feel better and lose weight. Read more>


If you're like most guys, you want it all. Rippling abs. Bigger muscles. Athletic skill. More energy and brainpower. A disease-free life. Great sex. That's where Power Food comes in. With Power Food on your side, you'll eat your way to a better life, using your favorite foods to overcome obstacles and achieve your maximum potential. Read more>

High-Performance NutritionHigh-Performance Nutrition®

Get fit by eating right. If you exercise, you need cutting-edge information on diet and nutrition to get the best results. Whether you want to achieve peak performance, improve your energy, increase endurance, lose fat, tone muscle, increase your body's natural ability to fight disease, or slow the aging process, High-Performance Nutrition offers...Read more>

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