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The Good Mood Diet®

1 Day to feeling brighter than yesterday
1 Week to erasing depression
1 Month to losing weight for good

What if the diet you went on to lose weight not only made you look better, but also made you feel better? What if your weight-loss diet gave you more energy and cut fat at the same time? What if your diet lifted your mood and gave you the confidence to keep going? That is The Good Mood Diet.        

The Good Mood Diet is a culmination of 25 years of my work in the field of nutrition, fitness and health. The Good Mood Diet nourishes your brain and your body. The Good Mood Diet is also a philosophy, an approach to life and food. Put together, it will give you more mental and physical energy, enhancing your mood and giving you greater mental focus. You can even feel great while you lose weight.

Power Eating by Dr. Susan KleinerThe Good Mood Diet®

One Day to Feeling Brighter than Yesterday, One Week to Erasing Depression,One Month to Losing Weight for Good
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