Dr. Susan M. Kleiner, PHD, RD, FACN, CNS, FISSN • High Performance Nutrition


all-natural functional botanical beverage

Using effective amounts of all natural ingredients and no added sugar, Solixir is a system of functional drinks specifically designed to attend to your mind and body's different needs throughout your workday. Whether you require a lift in your energy, a bit more focus, help winding down or support for your immune system, Solixir's formulas are a refreshing, healthy way to promote optimal daily performance. Discover and experience the ways Solixir can work for you.

AWAKEN without the surge

The yawns always come when you need to be on your game. But the spike and crash of other energy drinks can put you in an energy shortage. Awaken provides a gentle, natural lift that helps you come alive without that impending dive. Low in caffeine, its effective amounts of all natural ingredients that gives you a healthy lift. Drink Awaken and choose a smarter way to get your mojo back.

THINK helps sharpen you up.

We sit. We stare. We stop. We start. Just as your energy levels rise and fall, so does your power to concentrate, whatever the task. Made with effective amounts of all natural ingredients, Think helps you focus throughout the day. What's more precious when the pressure is on? So grab this drink when "the think" is what you need most.

RESTORE strengthens your reserves.

Hear a sneeze over your shoulder? Is that run-down feeling coming on? Thatís when you open a can of Restore. Restore's effective amounts of all natural ingredients not only revives, it helps support your immune system, making it preventative as well. So whether you are working at home, on the job-site, or in the office, reach for Restore to revitalize your body and boost your way back to top performance.

RELAX de-stresses naturally.

Letting it all go. Finding your calm. Itís as important as gearing up and getting things done. But during a busy day, unwinding is not always so easy. Relax is a soothing blend of effective amounts of all natural ingredients, designed to help relieve your stress and ease you back to a place of balance. So drink, relax, and smile on the inside.